From the Trustees of the Sesame Institute (UK and International)



The Sesame Institute final AGM was held last Sat 21 November. Three

proposals were voted on in order of preference for the assignment of

the remaining SI assets, the funds and the trademarked "Sesame

Approach" and key logo. The proposal that had the most votes was

'Sesame at Re-Vision'; this would operate through a partnership with

the Re-Vision charity, whose aims are educational and therapeutic

(see The trustees of both charities will be

negotiating a legal agreement about the terms of partnership.


The current trustees of the Sesame Institute will remain in place

until the final closure of the Institute, which will be when all

negotiations in regard to transfer of assets, and the transfer

itself, have been completed.


At the final AGM it was accepted that, wherever the remaining assets

of the Sesame Institute may reside, RCSSD could continue in

perpetuity to use the name of Sesame in relation to its MA course,

although without exclusivity.


Virtual and free communications for the Sesame Community, notices,

workshop info etc will continue  through the Sesame News email (send an email if you wish to join this

news group) and through the  Sesame Facebook page and other social

media connections.


About us

The Sesame Institute UK & International is a registered charity that is the guardian of the Sesame Approach.  This unique Approach encourages the use of drama and movement as a therapeutic tool for psychological well being and health.  The Institute aims to promote, train and educate others in this therapeutic use of drama and movement and to preserve and develop the ethical standards of its approach. The history of the Sesame Institute begins with its founder Marian Lindkvist, who held her first short training course in Drama and Movement Therapy in 1964.  Since then it has developed its research and training as well as being a contact point for therapists and for institutions using therapeutic services. The Sesame Institute produces printed literature for use in research and enquiry. These publications are available by mail order via this website.

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