Psyche and Soma      

Coming to Wales Spring 2016

Soul Making

 through the Sesame Approach

Drama and Movement in Therapy


There is an opportunity for Psyche and Soma to return to Wales in the spring of 2016. We need to receive a minimum of eight expressions of interest made directly to the Sesame Institute by 30 June 2015 for the course to run in Wales. To register interest please email heading the email “Psyche and Soma Wales 16”.  


Psyche and Soma is a part-time course for registered professionals working with people who want to bring imagination and the body into their practice as languages of the human soul. Focusing on creativity rather than pathology, the course offers you a chance to meet symptoms of suffering, lostness, not-knowing as signposts towards the place where something new emerges. The pedagogy works from a “lower education” curriculum, teaching from what is already known but forgotten inside and looking to Wisdom as intelligence alongside intellectual knowing. 


The training consists of a three-day intensive followed by seven weekend modules. It is experiential with written components and a mid-course assignment applying your learning to a client context.  

Course Leader:         Mary Smail

                Dramatherapist,Psychotherapist (Re Vision)

Next Intake:               Spring 2016

Cost:                           £2,900 (instalments) £2,600 lump sum in advance

Qualification:             Cert in Soul through the arts

                (Course equates to 130 CPD contact hours)

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“When all of you Sesame people started moving around, I thought to myself, I am in a mad house here!    I was right.  It was and is a creative madness that gives flesh to ideas and enacts images.  This is the way to teach psychology.  It is in movement the Archetypes come alive.”

Robert Romanyshyn, Emeritus Professor,

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Patron of Sesame Institute 2013 to present


 “The Sesame Approach invites the presence of Soul and it is the presence of Soul that gives Sesame its unique quality. Soul longs for the depths of things”.
Carol Graham Psyche and Soma Wales student 2008/2010


The term "The Sesame Approach" and the Sesame key logo are registered trade marks in the European Community.

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