Individual therapists

UK based Arts Therapies Organisations

Art Therapy
The British Association of Art Therapists.

The British Association of Dramatherapists.

Cardboard Citizens
Cardboard Citizens is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of Forum Theatre.  We offer Theatre of the Oppressed training courses suitable for anyone interested in using theatre to encourage social change.

Creative Arts Supervision Training

Counselling Directory

Dance Movement Therapy
Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK.

Dramatherapy Northern Ireland

The Forensic Arts Therapies Advisory Group - a voluntary organisation which aims to provide support, advice and opportunities for continuing professional development for arts therapists working in forensic or secure settings and trainee arts therapists on placement in forensics.

The Health Professions Council is the UK government regulator whose role is to protect the health and wellbeing of people who use the services of the health professionals registered with them.

Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education

Laban International
Dance & Movement organisation.

Marvellous Productions
Drama & Therapy workshops for children. 


Music Therapy
Association for Professional Music Therapists.

The largest Dramatherapy practice in the UK.

Scenario Arts in Personal Development
Dramatherapy Tasters, 3 Day Intensives, 1yr p/t University Certificate Course

Stop the Hiding
Therapy based charity focussed upon domestic violence.

Storytelling and Healing
Nancy Mellon

Overseas organisations


ECARTE - The European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education.

Greece and Cyprus

Ireland - Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists.

International Encounter for Arts Therapies Students- 4ArTS

The South African Association of Dramatherapists

United States of America
NADT - National Association for Dramatherapists.

Individual Dramatherapists

Tamsin Abrahams
Fully qualified therapist based in North London

Ginny Bradley
Sesame trained therapist based in North London.

Louise Croombs
Sesame trained therapist based in Manchester.

Rebecca Mackeonis
Sesame trained therapist and Shakti Dance teacher working in London:

Dan Skili
Actor and Sesame trained Dramatherapist

Jackie Singer
Sesame trained therapist based in Oxford.


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